Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bank holiday special - 20% off!

I was planning to go to Chiswick car boot sale today but as it's pouring with rain outside, maybe it can wait for another day. To cheer us up on this rainy bank holiday, I'm offering a whopping 20% off everything in the shop. Just remember to enter the code RAIN at checkout. The offer will run for a whole week (until the 10th May).


  1. Ah - thank you. I was just thinking I really should have done this post on Friday - oopsy!

  2. Oh bummer, I've just bought a set of coasters and a table cloth from your website, only to read this blog straight after! That will teach me to impulse buy!!

  3. Don't worry. I will refund you the 20% you would have had off. Thanks for your order!