Sunday, October 18, 2009

1960s Carlton ware horse moneybox

In case anyone has had their eye on the Carlton ware horse money box in my shop, I just wanted to let you know that I have finished cleaning it up and it is now available to buy and looking great! The moneybox had obviously been left in a room (by the previous owner) while somebody was decorating and it had been splattered with tiny flecks of white paint, but with some careful cleaning these have come off and it looks lovely once again. (I haven't rephotographed it but the flecks you can see are gone). This is one of my favourite of the Carlton ware money box designs. I just love the colour combination, so perfectly 60s.


  1. Love this moneybox, specially beacause it doesn't look like one.

  2. Hello, is this for sale? I don't know much about Carltonware, but I my sister adores this horse and I wanted to get it for her for her birthday. Thank you!


  3. Hi Lauryn, I do happen to have one in stock. Please could you email me at to chat about it.