Monday, October 12, 2009

And another mini update!

Yet a few more goodies in the shop today, including an interesting Kenneth Townsend dish, some lovely coasters and a Bournvita cup like the one I wrote about recently. I'm going to have to remove some of my sold items from the shop listings soon but I don't want to let them go :( I've started a Shop archive set on Flickr to keep a record of all my sold items. If there is anything you're gutted you missed out on, let me know and I'll see if I can track down another for you.


  1. hello Emma,

    yes, that's the problem with big cartel isn't it! but a good idea to set up an archive.

    you've been appearing on blogs left, right and centre! have you seen them all? Conversation Pieces, Kickcan and Conkers and Dee Beale. congratulations, i do so love the things you find.

  2. ha! and after studying your Kenneth Townsend dish, i thought, well that look a little familiar - and it turns out that i have a Coldstream Guard dish upstairs boxed and unused. i also have one of his lion tiles, both bought from the same carboot sale on different days. i don't think i would've known that it was his work without your link, so thanks for that! (i should stick it in my shop)

  3. We love Kenneth Townsend too. We got one of his tiles of a cockerel this month. We'd love to get a collection going!

  4. Thanks guys. I have the coldstream guard dish too Nath! Kenneth Townsend's work is fab. I take it you've both seen the Kenneth Townsend site, which has loads of info about his work:

    I've been combining some of my listing in Big Cartel, such as the wooden egg cups, so that I can squeeze more stuff in, but I really wish they'd let us list another 50 items or so, although I don't think my husband would agree!! I've taken over enough of the house already with my stock...

  5. Oh and forgot to say, Nath, that I was really surprised about all the mentions Wooden donkey has had on blogs recently. I'm really chuffed though - it's great to hear some nice feedback from visitors. Makes all the hard work worthwhile!